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Do You Learn Russian By Listening Songs?! Try it!

How Can Russian Song Help To Learn Russian?

I’m playing the guitar and once recorded a Russian song by band DDT, called “Это все” (It is all). I like this song and used to sing it quite often with friends. I like Russian music and DDT is one of my favorite Russian bands.

A few days age ago I shared this record with my friend, and she said: “This is very, very good. You should sing Russian lessons on your website :)”. I thought – what a nice idea!

So I’ve made a video with me singing this Russian song – with Russian lyrics and English translation. So you can listen, read and understand the meaning of the words. Use this video to develop your Russian vocabulary and pronunciation. Listen and watch it several times a day during at least 2 weeks – and you’ll remember all the words in this song.

Video is here:

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