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Russian singers

I'm looking for singers like Юлия Савичева.   Her pronounciation is clear and her lyrics are simple but interesting.  Since she is well known, I've been able to find Spanish translations to her lyrics.  I haven't been able to find similar singers.  Many are to cheesy, to comercial or outdated.



I can't advise you singers similar to Юлия Савичева, but I can advise you the greatest Russian rock-band fo sho. With a beautuful lyrics. Enjoy, man. 

I like zemfira! She has a very clear pronounce too and a nice music style in my opinion. The music Прогулка cos it makes it look very easy to speak russian..

I like the way Zemfira pronounces.  Maybe her lyrics are translated into English or Spanish.

Yep, I like Yuliya also especially, ee pesnya pod nazvaniem moskva-vladivostok :)

Юлия Савичева не идеал для тех, кто хочет научиться правильному произношению. Она произносит неправильно некоторые звуки (She doesn't pronounce correctly some sounds).

Я бы посоветовала слушать:

"Сплин" (поет медленные песни, произношение хорошее (без провинциального акцента);


Стас Пьеха;

Город 312,

Джанго (у него довольно сложные тексты, но произношение хорошее, когда он поет :) ).


Thanks, I think you are right.  Some of these signers do pronounce very clearly.

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