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It is often not easy to find the correct name for ...


Adjectives Mandy is a careful girl.

Adverbs Mandy drives carefully.



Articles This is a book.
Look at the board.

Modal Auxiliaries I am playing football.
Conditional Perfect Progressive

Conditional II Continuous

Conditional Perfect Progressive I would have been working.
Conditional Perfect

Conditional II Simple

Conditional Perfect I would have worked.
Conditional Progressive

Conditional Continuous

Conditional Progressive I would be working.

Conditional I

Conditional Simple

Conditional Simple I would work.

Conjunctions I like tea and coffee.
Future Perfect

Futur II

Future Perfect Simple

Future Perfect I will have played football by tomorrow.
Future Perfect Progressive

Future Perfect Continuous

Future Perfect Progressive I will have been playing football for an hour by 10.30.
Future Progressive

Future Continuous

Future Progressive I will be playing football next Sunday.
Genitive s

Apostrophe s

Possessive s

Genitive s Ronny's brother


-ing form

Gerund I enjoy playing football.
going to-future

going to-future I'm going to play football this afternoon.

Conditional sentences

Conditional clauses

Conditional sentences - if If I study, I will pass the test.
If I studied, I would pass the test.
If I had studied, I would have passed the test.

Imperative Go home!
Indirect speech

Reported speech

Reported Speech Susan says that she works in an office.
Susan said that she worked in an office.

Infinitive Gagarin was the first to fly in a spaceship.
Long forms, short (contracted) forms

Langformen, Kurzformen We aren't from London.

Modal auxiliaries

Modals You mustn't do that.

Nouns Your hair looks lovely.
Passive voice

Passive voice Cameras are built in Japan.
Past Perfect Progressive

Past Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect Progressive I had been playing football when Susan came.
Past Perfect

Past Perfect Simple

Simple Past Perfect

Past Perfect I had played football when Susan came.
Past Progressive

Past Continuous

Past Progressive I was playing football the whole evening.
Personal pronouns

Personal pronouns We read a book.



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