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aku sedang belajah bahasa Indonesian sekarang

saya sudah datang di Surabaya atas 12.Apr.

tolong bantu saya bahasa Indonesia


Halo, I came in Surabaya on 12.Apr

Please teach me Indonesian.   specially grammar T.T



Hi Jay. Bahasa Indonesia is a very easy language to learn.

All you need to do is memorizing the vocabulary. Indonesian people barely speak formal way in daily basis, except in formal institution or when you talk to superior in your office. Unlike English, Bahasa Indonesia doesn't have time tenses; past, present, and future are the same. So, to streamline down the learning process, grammar might not be your priority just yet, because if I may say, we (Indonesian people) use slang most of the times.

Annyonghaseyo Jay, Sure Maybe I can help you learning Bahasa,and make a new friend with you,

I add ur skype contact,please confirm it (My Skype Name : imahdi289)


Anyeong Haseyo Jay Oppa :)


welcome to Indonesia! :) hope u'll have great experiances here


well, if u need to learn Indonesian language, I'd love to teach bahasa for u

if u don't mind, u can teach me Korean as well, I love Korean culture :)


okay then, have a nice day :) nice to meet u Jay




Whoops, sorry for the mistyping. I am trying to explain something but then I can't submit the comment. Then I am trying to type anything and trying to enter it and it submitted. So sorry, I don't mean anything.


Hi Jay,

Pls check ur PM :)

saya sudah datang di Surabaya atas 12 Apr

Saya sudah tiba di Surabaya pada tanggal 12 April (already happen) means: I've been in Surabaya since April 12 or I arrived at Surabaya on April 12

Saya akan tiba di Surabaya kira-kira pada tanggal 12 April keatas (future, not sure yet) means: I'll be at Surabaya possibly after April 12. Sometimes the use of keatas is while you're forget about the exact date (for this context only)

tolong bantu saya bahasa Indonesia

Tolong bantu saya belajar Bahasa Indonesia means: Pls help me to learn Indonesian

Hope helps

Regards, Jimmy

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