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Lesson 5 - Days of the week in Russian



Days of the week


Here's how to say the days of the week in Russian. Note that Russians don't capitalize the days of the week unless they occur in the beginning of a sentence. Learning words for all days of the week should further improve your essential Russian vocabulary.


понедельник - Monday [pah-nee-dyehl'-neek]

вторник - Tuesday [vtohr-neek]

среда - Wednesday [sre-dah]

четверг - Thursday [chet-vyehrg]

пятница - Friday [pyaht-nee-tsah]

суббота - Saturday [soo-boh-tah]

воскресенье - Sunday [vahs-kre-syen'-yeh]

день - day [dyehn']

неделя - week [nee-dyeh-lyah]

месяц - month [myeh-syahts]

год - year [gohd]

сегодня - today [se-vod-nyah]

завтра - tomorrow [zahv-trah]

вчера - yesterday [vche-rah]


Какой сегодня день? - What day is it today? [kah-koy se-vohd-nyah dyehn']

Сегодня среда. – Today is Wednesday. [se-vod-nya sreh-da]




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