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It is really suffering when you have no friends around

As the last year of my college life, I chose to go abroad and see the outside world as an exchange student. However, life here is what as wonderful as what I think:1) Trough most youngsters  can speak more than three languages here, their offcial language is not English; 2) Having come here for almost eight months, I don't feel any enthuasiam here; instead I become more and more silent, of course mostly due to my own character; 3) Like taking the maxism lecture in the university, even if you go to the same lecture regularly every week you don't know many of your classmates as the usual case is that most people will talk in the offcial language except special occasions such as answering questions in English courses.




how are you .thanks for your Kindness,welcome to join us.

I get confusing,so I wannan to ask some questions,

first ,where are  you come from? and you are an exchange student in China?

secend,why you feel no enthusiasm there?

 Do you have any problem to commicate with people or other reasons ?

Well, now I am still in Estonia; I am an exchange student here according to the bilateral agreement between my university and Tartu University. 

I am going back in half a month, which means that life here will end soon.

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