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Problems about Learning Thai Words

I meet several pronunciation problem when I learn Thai words. Hope any one can help. Thanks!

ก I find there are two ways to read this consonant, one is 'gor' and the other is 'k'. The question is how can I know when I should read it 'gor' or 'k'.

In the vocab หมีและ , how can I read the word หมี in right order? Can any one write the phonetic transcription for me? And also the vocab ลิง

เช้า  ให้ see these two words, they all have the tone mark ช้ ห้, but why they have different tone when we read that.

The last question is what does เกะกะ mean?



g  = ก   ;for example, ก็ = gor(falling tone  )  /  กิน = gin (eat)  /  กบ = gob (frog)

k  = ค    ;for example, ควาย = kwaay (buffalo)    /  ใคร =  krai (who)   /  คำ = kam (word)

หมี mii  (rising tone) 
ลิง  ling  (Mid tone)  pronounce like you say "away   /  hide  / guy " (ลิง  This is spoken in ordinary tone of voice without any inflection.)

this site might help you know how to pronounce
on that page you'll see box(Enter english or Thai term) for insert word
copy or type the word หมี in the box  ......and click go
 on that page speaker icon for listening audio clip
listen and you'll know how to pronounce
and do the same steps for another words

sorry i cant post all answer by 1 post
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3) เช้า / ให้  yeah! it's pronounced in diferent tone! can i explain  the word  ไหม้ ไม่ ( it's pronounced in the same tone but different writing and meaning !) ไหม้ = burn   ไม่ = no
ahh...Thai is  difficult  not only for foreigners but also Thai people like me ^^

mistype : the system dont let me answer when i click icon
aha!...this site might help you to understand this
at the main menu ,>>>   Lean to read thai >>> choose "learn the tone"
on this page ....when you click icon in front of the'll hear how to pronounce that word. ^.^

and i wanna recommend this   
Learn to read Thai with Manee and friends

this is my textbook when i was at primary school...(aaa!!...since i was child ^^) i still keep these textbooks on my  bookshelf and i  some time read it !.......when i read it, it take me back to the memory when i was primary student.but it's no longer used this textbook for teach....hope Manee and friends can help you learning form basic( ^______^)
choose the lesson or section for learning!!!  and also when you click the icon in front of the words or sentence,
you'll hear how to pronounce ^__^

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Thank your for your help. I learn Thai via Manne and Friends and I meet lots of problems since I study lesson 13. But anyway, thank you once again.

Wow!! lesson 13   สู้ สู้นะ!!

Manee and friends story is a good practice for Thai learners. Thai kids in my generation grew up with them during primary school time but unfortunately they are out of the course syllabus by now.

some photos from Manee book

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