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Iran's nuclear weapon

Right now My most concern is Iran's nuclear weapon which they are trying to develop against Israel.


I'm definatly against it.especially their leader is abit crazy,impulsive. we don't know what happens next if they launch nuclear weapon to Israel.


maybe the world war again (abit conspiracy for me) breaks. because Israel is the country where dispatched by USA . while other middle east countries would help Iran.


Furthermore If it breaks. oil price will be exploded.and many countries will have problems caused by it...


I hope it won't happen. or any purpose. It is so horrible and unacceptable


However,sadly If Israel won't strike plans to eliminate Iran's nuclear weapon's infrastructure or other key targets first. Iran's plan would not stop.



What do you think about this matter. are you for Iran or Israel? 



I'm an analyst, this winter I had an order to give the analyse of world geopolicy and one of my task was to describe the situation in Iran. I found some confidential information, made analyse and research some documents, and the only thing which I can say is that Iran is a method to leave China without oil and weaken the position of China on the world market....Guess for who?:))))) Why Iran can't have nuclear station and supply itself nuclear energy as do it many other countries???

As far as I know, China haven't reduced its import from Iran, well at least not significantly.  About the situation there, the only thing I can say is that the key to peace in the middle east is to ease the conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

No, you are wrong.... Iran is one of the most important supplier of oil to China (11%), so if the war be, your country will lose this share and it will hit chinese economy too much! Just look at the map from Iran to China across Persian Gulf and Indian ocean, what can you see? It is the answer your question....:))))) Adore geopolicy and global analyse! LOL

Israel is afraid with their own shadow. If Iran have a nuclear weapons and want to destroy the world, why is Israel so worried about? They dont need any nuclear or chemical weapons to kill Palestinian. They even just using a bulldozer to kill the American activist Rachel Corrie.


You live in Korea, you should worried more about North Korea than Iran. Didn't I heard that they are developing nuclear weapon too? It didnt worried you a bit?


Iran will protect it's country against anyone who want to attack it. And we, the muslims will always by their side.



I think you should be more worried about North Koreans having a nuclear weapon than Iran :)

And Israel has nuclear weapons too... so I'm not too bothered about Iranians developing nuclear weapons... and well.. why should we stop them from developing weapons? Dont they have a right to develop it?
who gave United States the authority to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons?



Who do you have to always pull the Israel-Palestine conflict into this??


i am with  none of  them ^_^



everyone has the right to do what he/she want " freedom"

we just dont want "WARE" anymore ....

Thanks i laughed a lot Smile

you know i'm from ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN and we are not like other valet country for the usa or zionism regime .

we are free , we can't accept that cruel country has nuclear bomb and overhang other country by nuclear bomb but we can't have nuclear energy .

you can't understand us because you are not free , you wanna be under pressure and you are just like a slave for them , because you deem that they are powerful and you must do their order .

MY PROUD (IRAN) never develope nuclear bomb because we are stronge.

if you was weak you need to weapon for saving yourself , if you was stronge (like IRI) you don't need to have a weapon .


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