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Pashto Greetings

Pakhair Raghli (Well Come)

Pa Makha dey Kha (Good bye)



Sta Num Sa dey ? (What is your Name)

Sta = Your
Num= Name
Sa =  What
is = Dey

yup man you r good................

Hi Shawn, 
      where r u from???

Salam aliekum....Za num Daisy.  Nice to meet you!

Zama Grano malgaro (my dear friends),
I am ready to teach pashto to those who want to learn Pashto any time.
Akhtar- Contact me please.

Ta- you (singlary)
Taso- you (prural)
Mong- we
hoghoey- they
hagha- he

Manana- Thanks
Taso deer mehraban yast (yee)- you are so kind.

Hi akhtar.... u r great man 

Hi Diasy.... Good try of learning pashto... plz have a look on the correct sentance 

Zama Num Diasy Dey

Salam Daisy, 
Taso ham der sha (kha) aw ochat yast (yee). You are also good and high.
Taso- you
ham- also
sha  or kha= good
yast= you are= (for plural) more polite-   and yee (singular).

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