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I would like to learn Thai, I can teach you english

I would like to become fluent in Thai, I know basic words and understanding. However I am not good at putting together sentences or pronounciation. 



Hello..i'm pookie from thailand ..hope ee will be good friend for all we need , hope to talk sooo. ;-)

i can help you :)

Hi i'm im from Thailand ^^ Nice to meet you. I hope I can help you to learn Thai ^^ 

Hi lnette,

I'm TOR from Thailand.

I think we can make language exchange. 


Nice to see you here


Hi, i am Eye from Thailand. 

I can help you with Thai and i need an English partner.



Hi Inette, I'm Built from Thailand. I can help you become fluent in Thai. We can be language exchange partners. Let me know if you're interested. ^__^


Hello lnette, I'm Surf from Thailand. Looking forward to know you!

Hey girl! you can add me as friend. I can teach you Thai. 

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