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I'm looking for goods friends here. Can I find?



You will get good friends. But I think I need to be a good friend if I want to find good friends.In my opinions it is important to be honest and respectful. A good friend can listen to what is being said and a good friend is not a selfish one.

Yes why not we are all friends in place but you better becarefull of choosing...right Seda?



Eliane, yes you can find good friends i hope, but really be careful in choosing the good ones as yes i agree with what Seda said, respect, honesty and readiness to help are very important in friendship.. So good luck!! :)))

Thanks a lot girls. I feel it's a problem here.

When you have a good friend you'll know it automatically... don't look for one..when you get one you'll know



Cool dear!

U can find lot off friends here and mee too.........:D

Agree with it.

It is not that hard to find people with who you can talk to and exchange experience but it will be hard probably to find a real friend. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky. If you want, we can be friends. Send me a message. Cristian

i'm ready for that

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