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If you want to be able to speak and write Japnese.

I am Japapnease.

I am studying English now.

So I can speak English a little.

if you're using Skype,Could I become a Skype friend or mail friend of you?
Please feel free to message me anytime.



Hi I would like to learn Japanese language, wish you add my skype-id


Sure^^ Sound's good.


Ok^^ I sent message of you.

Nice to meet you.

I'm interested in learning English and Japanese,can we be friends?

My skype is wendyzhou12345.



Hi there^^

I'd like to write and read Japanese without any problems.

Could you help me, please?

hi. I added you on skype. :)

Hi, I would like to practice my Japanese on skype with you, in exchange I can help you with English : )

im learning japanese in my university and now i have to use it for a job...if u dont mind, i would like to improve my japanese with skype id is usagi.angel88 :) many thanks in advance...

Hi, nice to meet you, I'm studying japanese, we can talk in english, I can help you with italian, I haven't got an account on skype, but we can talk here, feel free to add me! Write you soon :)

I would love to help you out with your English and you could help me with my Japanese.

My skype id is aatishasad



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