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Hello Everyone,


I am just starting to learn Russian but I have no idea on how to go about learning a second language.  Does anyone have any tips on learning Russian? 




Do you still need a help? 

I think, you can listen to the Russian songs and read transfer to them. if a melody to be pleasant to you , you remember words easier and better)

Hello Shawny,

I think it would be a good thing to study in different ways: grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening.



Rosetta stone. It's cool program!

I have only heard bad things about Rosetta Stone.  Do you use itÉ


Hi! Why do you want to study Russian? 

Speaking with native language speakers skype, or in the realy life))

Watch video, maybe children channel. And practise practise practise.

Book it's very difficult.Do not thinkin about grammar and other bullshit. Small children nothing know about grammar, they can't read, can't write, but speak they can very gooooooooooood


Ssory.My English is suks%))

Good luck.


celebratemariya -> voice cool.поддерживаю

Hi i guess for first u need to learn a simple word like a hello or car(in russian of course)and then u can move to more hard to learn words if u need my help u can get it in exchange for english practice

Russian language is very rich and beautiful. It is hard to learn Russian without teachers and native speakers. You should listen to Russian programms and songs, you shoul talk to Russians. You need to improve your ear. It is not easy to catch Russian words first time but if you practise a lot you can achieve good results. Go on and never give up! Belive me, it would be interesting for you to learn Russian:)

Do you really want to study Russian? It's very difficult language. I'm native speaker and I have been learning English for 7 years, so I can say that English is easier then Russian. Better try to speak Russian with native speakers on the Internet or in the real life.

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