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On the Far Side.

This is from Kim who said she cannot join the group!  Nothing happened when she clicked the join button.  Any suggestion?



雾里看花花透艳, Looking at flowers through fog, they are colourful.
水中望月月更圆。 Wait and see the moon, it is runder.
海角天涯隔两岸, People are separated by the ends of the earth.
飞雁传书美人间。 Sintex preach book 不好意思 翻译不下去了;)
Looking flowers through the fog makes them more seductive,
Viewing the reflection of moon in the water makes it rounder.
Two coasts separated by the vastness of the sky and ocean.
My swan, my messenger to the abode of my beauty.
雁 is acutally a kind of goose.  However, in English, it's not considered a creature of grace and beauty (as in "silly goose").  So a "swan" is substituted.




Jeff, 你邀请她进入小组,然后再看看行得通不?

I did and she said she did not receive the invitation.

Oh great!  Maybe Kim should try it later.  Must be Italki problems.


Thanks.  Nice to hear from you again.  I hope life's not too busy for you :)

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