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talk in Russian

I wanrt to thank you fro joining my group. I hope the information i post here is useful.

To thank you for that I decided to suggest 40-45 minutes (FREE) talk on skype for those who think they want to learn Russian. 

Comment this topic who is interested.






Hello! I´m ready to talk in Russian. What´s next? Tnank you for the proposal.

Best wishes,Sonia

Sonia, you need to message me your skype. I will add you and we will plan the "talk"

All the things you've posted here are very useful!! I thank you for this!

I liked a lot that of the cases in Russian, I needed something like that and now I have to re-read it several times to have it fresh in my mind.

Thanks and have a good day!!

it's cool. thanks :D

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