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who can tell me the quick way to learn English?

Can u tell me?Or help me???



Um, I don't know if there's exactly a "quick way to learn English" (not fluently anyway) unless you're someone like Daniel Tammet. If you're going to learn something fluently it takes time and dedication. Now, if you just want to learn survival phrases in English quickly, you can search online, then test those phrases out with native speakers of English to make sure the information you found is correct. Those are my thoughts on the subject anyway.

Thank you for your sugestions.I hope that I can speak fluently.Because I can speak but not fluently.I'm confusing now.Can u help me?

The follows are my methods that I always try to practice by listening, speaking, reading and chatting via skype to my friends who can speak chinese and english for improving my skill everyday.  Hope you will achive to your aim soon.

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