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I want to learn MALAY

Hi everyone!


Saya Helena dari Greece!  :D  I want to learn Malay.  Can anyone help me?  


Terima kasih banyak-banyak




hi,i am a native chinese. i can teach you chinese.Do you have interested in Mandarin?

Hi Helena... Nama saya Asmadi dan berasal dari Malaysia. Saya boleh bertututdalam Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia (bahasa ibunda), Bahasa Inggeris dan sedikit bahasa Jerman dan Belanda. Jika perlukan bantuan saya sedia membantu..jumpa lagi!

Hai Helena,


Saya boleh membantu serba-sedikit pertuturan dalam Bahasa Melayu.



Sarawak, Malaysia

I would be glad!   Terima kasih banyak!!!  Can you send me some lessons?  


jumba lagi


Hello Helena,

i can help you to learn our native language..If u interest.just follow me..



hi Helena please add me as your friend i'll be your tutor for malay language

I think I can help you if you ask me. Just let me know. 


easy. i can teach you some malay slang ..senang sahaja

Hi Helena

I have video tutorials for you to watch during your free times. It may help. I also have PowerPoint slides to download for your convenience.


Here is my Channel. Hope it will help.


I am a student of Mass Comm and a language enthusiast. If there's anything you need or wish to offer any suggestions please direct them in my channel or Italki profile. 


Thank you.


Hello Helena,


Its good to know that you like to learn about Malay language.

I am fluent in this language. If you want, you can always inbox me and I will try my best to help you.


have a good day!

- Melyn

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