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I want to learn MALAY

Hi everyone!


Saya Helena dari Greece!  :D  I want to learn Malay.  Can anyone help me?  


Terima kasih banyak-banyak




hi,i am a native chinese. i can teach you chinese.Do you have interested in Mandarin?

Hi Helena... Nama saya Asmadi dan berasal dari Malaysia. Saya boleh bertututdalam Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia (bahasa ibunda), Bahasa Inggeris dan sedikit bahasa Jerman dan Belanda. Jika perlukan bantuan saya sedia membantu..jumpa lagi!

Hai Helena,


Saya boleh membantu serba-sedikit pertuturan dalam Bahasa Melayu.



Sarawak, Malaysia

I would be glad!   Terima kasih banyak!!!  Can you send me some lessons?  


jumba lagi


Hello Helena,

i can help you to learn our native language..If u interest.just follow me..



hi Helena please add me as your friend i'll be your tutor for malay language

I think I can help you if you ask me. Just let me know. 


easy. i can teach you some malay slang ..senang sahaja

Hi Helena

I have video tutorials for you to watch during your free times. It may help. I also have PowerPoint slides to download for your convenience.


Here is my Channel. Hope it will help.


I am a student of Mass Comm and a language enthusiast. If there's anything you need or wish to offer any suggestions please direct them in my channel or Italki profile. 


Thank you.


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