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Вам нравится учить русский язык? (Do you like to learn Russian?)

Nowadays many people study Russian as a foreign language. I think it's great because Russian is very beautiful language through difficult. But despite of this, more and more people enjoy learning Russian. What about you? Do you like to learn Russian?



Yes you're right!! Russian is a interesting language )) I live in Mallorca and here there are in summer a lot of Russian people, and i like when i hear Russian, because it's another world, very different than Spanish. And yes, i would like learn Russian )))

i think russian is so deficult so i must learn it 

Да, очень, ... мне нравится русский язык.
Он имеет прекрасный звук ....  ;0)


Я люблю русский! Щас полтора года изучаю язык. Ищу русских для общения в скайпу! (Я финн) :))

Seria interesante conocer mas de un idioma.

Ademas podemos avanzar mucho gracias ala ayuda que nos afrece internet

asi que ¿por que no? :)

I would like govoryu po-ruskii







Im studing in Russian and think its very comfortable for me))

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