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I wonder……

Is it possible that there is an area where people's native language is Esperanto?Local people will be born to study and communicate with Esperanto?



There is no place in the world where Esperanto is a "native" language, but the majority of the speakers seem to be concentrated in Europe, with Hungary, China, and North America also having a strong showing.

There are few people that have Esperanto as a first language, and this is usually because their parents met and were able to communicate through Esperanto, giving them a common language to talk to each other and their child(ren).

Wow~I totally understand now~THX very much:>

Wow~i totally understand now~Thx very much:>

George Soros was one of the few native speakers of Esperanto, he was raised speaking it. His last name means "will soar" in esperanto.


People whose native language is Esperanto is called "denaska".

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