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Hola! Clases de Español gratuitas con profesora nativa// Hi! Spanish classes for free with native teacher.

Hola a todos,

Los días domingo a las 7pm (-3GMT) estaré dando una clase de 45 minutos gratuita en Skype

On Sundays at 7pm (-3GMT) I'll be teaching a free 45 minute lesson on Skype.

Los cupos serán limitados para que sea más organizado.

There will be a limited number of people to make it more organized.

Si estás interesado/a escribe a mencionando tu Skype ID y tu nombre.

If you're interested write to telling your Skype ID and name.


Te espero!!!




BravoTongue Out

Hoy fue la primera clase! :)

Espero que les haya gustado a Olga y Edilena, alumnas muy simpáticas!!


Para la próxima esperamos a muchos más!




Hola Senyora!!


I would like to learn how to start learning spanish.

Is it possible for you to arrange a class again??




¡hola professora!


i want to improve my spanish. could you arrange this spanish class again??


muchas gracias,




Hi all,

Please if interested send me an email to

I will be sending a new invitation for a free class this week, but only to those who contact me by email because it's difficult to keep track of all the messages on Italki.


Thank you and hope to meet you,



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