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مرحبا hello (ni hao)


Hello everyone

I am native speaker in Arabic. I am from Morocco, I want to learn chinese as well with someone native speaker on it who wants to exchange chinese for arabic.

I can understand the accents in arabic, they don't matter. And, I can teach you some of them if you want from the books. But I do prefer to teach the standard arabic or my moroccan accent.

I have my way to each someone by usage a plan of time.

I have some text books to learn chinese (new pratical chinese reader1 2 3 4) and I have some books about the arabic language too.

If you want to learn Arabic as well, you may contact me via skype :


qq :1930267306





I add your QQ。I want to chat with you in arabic,It is good for my oral arabic. although my foreign teacher ask me for communicating with my arabic friends.sometimes I always pay more attention to grammers.that's I decide to recite text and speak more in arabic. would mind practicing with me?


Hello Habib,

It will be my pleasure to help you with your arabic as soon as well, me too I want to practice my chinese, I have been learn it since 3 months with a teacher on skype, and I still learn, sometimes I couldn't speak perfectly, but my writing on it it's pretty good.

You can contact on qq "I do like qq than skype".


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