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Filipino/Tagalog Teacher

Hello, if you want to learn Filipino or Tagalog, I can help you. I'm from the Philippines and I am fluent in Filipino/Tagalog, as well as in English. :)



Hello, can i ask. what is are you already eat in tagalog language??


@nissadeanimelover : did you eat (any meal) in tagalog, nakakain ka na ba or kumain ka na ba?


hope that helps!

hi i'm italian if you want i can learn you italian language..i will find someone can learn me mother she is filippina but she never speak to me in her language because she scared to make me confusion when i was a child..can you help me please..because i'm i have to program to visit for the second time your beautiful country without the problem of the speak::thks a lot

Sounds like my own siuation exactly! ;) My mother is Filipina aswell but she never taught me the language and each time I visited my family over there I had lots of problems with the communication.

right exactly situation...Where you come from?this is a big problem for me because i love philippines..

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