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Japanese opinion/editorial sites?

I was wondering if anyone know of a Japanese news site with opinion/editorial sections for reading practice. Something like this:






I like this site to teach Japanese:) since this site has not only the news to read but also has movies to listen as well. Therefore you can learn the difference between 書き言葉 and 話し言葉 in the same news. My method in the session is very simple, like this...


1) Watch the movie together or I read the news for the student instead if the Internet condition is not good


2) Have the student read for two or three times


3) Discussion or questions-and-answers based on that news


The news is decided at the moment of the lesson, therefore you can acknowledge well with very current news. This lesson will be for the students who are in N1 or N2. So the student already has to be familiar with many Kanji.


If you are interested in this type of the lesson, please feel free to contact me.



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