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This song is dedicated to everyone but i want specially my friends to listen.

It doesn't matter you know hindi or not.The song contains some hindi and some english lines.I bet if you listen,you will definitely hit the like button.Here's the link



It's a sad song but the lines are heart touching.Is it chinese or indian?

the video is indeed chinese but it's an indian song.

Oh I've always Loved this song :D 

have you heard it before???

Yes I have :)

I heard the guy loved a girl who didn't love him and hehalos was suffering from cancer, is that right?

*he also. Sorry :P

Who suggested you?

Have you known the story about this track???

My boyfriend gave me the link too. 

I heard a story but I'm not sure if it's true.

You are a lucky girl who got such a lucky guy.

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