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I am hot learner.

I wanna get Uzbek so quick.And I have little basic on it.I know English and Chinese ,Uygur together.Now,I need a teacher or a language partner.So who can help me.


Men hozir jiddi o'zbek tilda o'quvucha izlayapman.Kim menga yordam beralaydi.

Katta rahmat.



uzbek is my native language but , I'm not good at grammar though your uzbek is not too bad . 

hi man can i have ur phone number i‘ll send a message to you tell you more detail about me I thing u can help me in Uzbek ,and now i now some ,I now Uygur so i think i needn't learn grammar,and i have got language point with others' help thanks wait ur reply

Siz bilan tannishgandan xursandman.Menga yordam bering chi.Katta rahmat sizga.

I am Uzbek. can u connect  wuth me via skype my ID shohzod.ruzmetov1


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