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Da jia hao!

Hi,everyone  Im a chinese teacher,just got the IPA senior  certification last year on April , have been teaching chinese for one year,eventhough im a new teacher for you,but i like to thinking about teaching,always have new and great ideal about learning chinese.I'm looking forward Tongue Outyou can join me!



Whats the first step in learning chinese? Im still stuck on ni hao ma. :(

that depends on what situation , ni hao ma is only a question about how areyou? if you meet the time around dinner time, then you can ask ni chi le ma?that means have you eat? 


Hi Wei Wei!  That's very nice.  I am in Beijing and don't know enough Chinese to eat and I'm hungry.  I see you are makings some little mistakes with your English as well, maybe we could be partners, if my schedule allows.  I have a lot of materials that work in any language because they are pictures.  


My Skype:  brian.madden4

My QQ:  well, I can't log in... 1613124081

My telephone in Beijing:  183-1135-9813


I hope to hear from you!

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