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漫画をネットで立ち読みする。(まんが を ねっと で たちよみ する。)Upper Intermediate to Advanced level


I often hear that the first motivation of learning Japanese comes from Japanese manga or animation. How about you? If you want to try to read manga comics in Japanese there are several trial web sites to read them.


Do you like NARUTO?

Go this page:

You'll see "試し読み” (ためしよみ)on your right in the page. Click it and then you'll find the first page.

As you know, like other Japanese books, the manner of flipping pages of the Japanese manga comics is opposit from the western comics. To read these tiny "hurigana" next to the "Kanji", do right-click on the page and choose "Zoom In". You may also notice that there are lots of onomatopia and slangs in the pages. How much are you able to understand the story?


Other manga pages

Advanced level: No "hurigana"

>> 高校の達人

>> きょうの猫村さん (need e-mail subscription but totally free)

Upper Intermediate level: with "Hurigana"

>> るろうに剣心 (るろうにけんしん);_ylt=A7dPJsoXwRhQbisAgAjojft7?cid=154555&u0=3&u1=154557&u2=9&

>> しらぬい奇譚録 (しらぬいきたんろく) ホラー ミステリー (Click "最新話を読む" icon)


Do you have your favorite websites?

Comments? Suggestions? Questions?

Thank you.



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