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Survival Japanese [1] Gyu-Don (Beef Bowl) Beginner's level


Where can you find "your food" in Japan? First, you need to find restaurants which are serving "your edible food". There are several similar restaurants in Japan to these in the US. But you can not expect the same menu in Japanese restaurants as in American. The size of each meal may be smaller, and the meals may be tasteless unless you are a true Japanese food lover.

So where can you find yours?

Do you like Beef bowls? Try Yoshinoya or Matsuya restaurant.

Yoshinoya website

Matsuya website

(どん:don)sounds like "Dohne” means a "bowl"

When you order 牛丼(ぎゅうどん:Gyu-Don)you'll be served your familiar beef bowl. However, you may be asked your preferrable size of the bowls. There are ミニ (みに:mini)、(なみ:nami)、(だいor おお:dai/Oh)、and (とく:toku)盛(もり:mori). As you expect, the "mini" is the smallest and followed by "nami-mori", "oh-mori", and "toku-mori" respectively. Japanese people often order "nami-mori" sized "Gyu-Don" but if you are very hungry, you might want to try the larger one.


Did you find the letter "” on the websites? How many "” letters did you find there? This "kanji" looks like a Bento-box, doesn't it? But remember this is a "bowl". Maybe a square bowl? Hey, you learned one Kanji today. Isn't it cool? Now you also learned one survival skill in Japan. Find out the letter "” in Japan so that you will not be sturving. It is not "done" yet. Next, I'll talk about another menu that you may want to try.


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