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I've never learnt it before

Hello for everyone! I want to learn Italian, and I don't know what I have to do for the begining! Can u advise me what I have to start from? Thank u!



Hi I can advice you to start with a basic course to learn the first things (principal proununs verb etc..) If you need help for italian contact me !

Hi Lottie! I also interest to learn Italian. How if we learn together?? 


Ciao Blackfenix! Would you like to teach me Italian?? I hv learned the alphabet, number, and some basic vocabularies. Please teach me. Grazie :)


By the way, I have followed both of you (Lottie & Blackfenix), please follow me back, so we can talk easier.

Hi guys! I'm returning to this site))) I haven't benn here since autumn! Sorry((( 

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