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大家好, 我是英国人,刚才到上海来了。街上听到过人说沪语呢,可是大部分的人都说普通话。所以我很想知道: 出生上海的人,你会说沪语吗? 会说的话,说得流利吗? 搬家从其他的地方到上海的人,你也学习怎么说沪语还是只会说普通话? 谢谢!



Almost all the people born in Shanghai can speak 上海话. Others coming to Shanghai from other places can't speak 上海话, and only speak mandarin in Shanghai. Mandarin is the most widespread language in China.

It's not worth learning, Just learn madarin

没必要去学吧 我表哥在上海工作 我也去过那里玩 但是感觉不会说上海话并不会影响沟通 更何况你是个外国人

大部分的都会说普通话 长期居住在上海的或者长时间工作在上海的应该会说上海话 当然不排除一些其他的例外


我会说上海话。^ ^

当然~ 要不要跟我学两句?

Hi. i am a native Shanghainese,of course i speak well my hometown language.

Do you want to learn something about Shanghainese?

I can help you ^ ^

Besides,i am trying to improve my spoken English recently,could you please help me with that?

侬好呀! I grew up in Naning, but now I speak Shanghainese as good as native speakers. There are too many people coming from other cities, hence Mandarin is used as teaching language in kindergarten and schools, most local born kids including my boy cannot speak Shanghainese well. Pity! Shanghainese is an interesting and funny language, give it a try!

不会说,因为没这个必要,中国的地方话有几百种,但只是发音有区别,文字是相同的。大家都会说普通话。 i do not speak shanghai ,it is no necessary, how can peeple learn hundreds dialect.we all can communicate in madarin,hi, nice to meet you , can we be friend and teach each other, my skype is aaron00888

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