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my mother 我的妈妈

My mother always let me hate,let me love.She has been noisy,no matter what I do she always criticize me.But I know that is because she wanted me to good.She love me~But she quarrel me I am really very sad.

How can I do



     just Smile to Life Cool   Always     

Thank you, my friend,yes,smile to life~forget unhappy,I will be more happy...

:') bravoooo Rose you are number one :'D you are happy a girl :) also don't forget too be patient ,agree? ^^

yeah~~ agree.Tongue Outthanks

best wishes to you!

^_^ aminLaughing

Spend time with funny people. Smile

mmmm....... actully i faced same problem and it solved few years ago it is not that big  aproblem

she loves u and am sure u love her

u only should be more frank with here, and told her what u like and dislike

and i will pray for u

dont ever give up :)

good luck  

thank you,yes,I think I should learn sensible more!

thank you very much!

best wishes to you!


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