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I'm looking for Czech native speaker.

Dobrý den! I have learned in their own Czech.Because now studying at a book written by Japanese,Czech doesn't know the correct however.Could you give me to help learning Czech?



はじめまして。シモナと 申します。私はチェコ人です。日本人の友達を探しています。日本語を自分で二年間位勉強していますが、まだまだです。ぞの言語がほんとうに好きですから、上手になりたいです。

Ahoj. Jmenuji se Simona. Jsem Češka. Hledám přítele k procvičování japonštiny :) Japonsky se učím sama doma, asi dva roky. Jsem stále začátečník, ale chtěla bych se zlepšit.

Hello, I'm Simona. I'm a Czech living in Prague. I'm looking for a Japanese friend to improve my speaking and writing skills. It's good to see you're looking for a Czech native speaker as I'm one :) If you'd like to exchange few lines with me, I'd be really happy. I wanna get better at Japanese.

I'm looking forward hearing from you :)

Best regards



Dobrý den.Těsí mě.Jmenuju se Wataru.Bydlím ve Japonsko.Učím se čeština jedna rok.



Hello,Simona.Thank you for me a comment.

I started learning Czech will be one year,my skill is begginer level.Czech is very difficult,but I want to improve my Czech skill & support your learning Japanese skills.I want to take contact with you,but how to doing? I'm waiting for your message.Thank you.

Hi Wataru-san, my name is David, I am from the Czech Republic and work as a teacher and translator of English. I have been studying Japanese for about 4 years, have a native speaker teacher where I live, but would like to have more practice. I also have experience teaching foreigners Czech. If you are interested, please contact me on Skype at "boatrace".

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