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Does anybody love watching korean dramas?

As i am a korean, of course i like korean dramas. But i am not quite sure which kinds of korean drama are famous among foreign people. SO, could anybody share me what dramas you've really enjoyed to watch? 



I watched over 20dramas this last 4 months:

The ones I like: 

Jewel in the palace( Dae Jan Geum)

can you hear my heart

Playful kiss

My lovely Sam Soon

boys over flowers

The flames if desire

Love letter

Dr. Jin

A Gentelman's dignity ( I'm waiting for the last episode that will be shown on 12th August)

There is a lot that I watched :)


Baby faced beauty 


Bethoven virus( I didn't watch all the episodes)

Coffee prince

Creating destiny

Dream high 1 et 2 

Fashion king

Flower boy Ramyun


I do, I do

Love rain

Marry me, Mary!

My name is Kim Sam Soon

My princess

Protect the boss

The king 2 hearts

Wild romance

wow. You've watched really many dramas! impressive :D

which one is your favourite? 

Can you hear my heart :)

And Jewel in the palace I watched them more than 20 times In French , in English and even in arabic :)

I haven't watched many~

Boys Over Flowers

Dream High

Dream High 2


I've watched 2 short films Boy Meets Boy and Just Friends? that are connecting films.


And I'm currently watching Heartstrings

And I'm waiting to see Miss Panda and Mr Porcupine or something like that haha

And I've watched but never finished Coffe Prince, PlayfulKiss, and Secret Garden..

And I've seen 2 movies The Client, and Wonderful Radio (Love On Air)

Cofee prince it's not bad and not that good :) Playful kiss I liked it so much it was funny :) Heartstrings is very good ;) Secret garden is great :D

저는 유령을 봤는데 진짜 재미있는 것 같았어요, 그런데 요즘 시간이 별로 없어서 못 봐요. 곧 다시 볼 수 있어기를 바라요! ^^

i've watched a lot of Kdrama...i prefer some romance and comedy dramas..and now i m watching I DO I's really funny and interesting to watch, so i recommend you guys too see it since i saw there is a lot of Kdrama's fans here :).


Secret Garden is one of the most famous to foreigners i think


i have seen:

Secret Garden

City hunter "i have seen this 2 times"



Dream High 2

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