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Hello! I can help! ^^


I'm polish and I also know English. I'm learning Korean RN. I'd love to help you with anything!



How did you learn English?

Most of things I learned at school :)

I also learned a lot from listening to music. It's a great way of learning for me, as with music I can remember sounds (words) well.

Then I spent some time (about 4 months total) in England and it helped me a lot with speaking and thinking fast (or rather not having to thing about speaking!)

Right now I'm trying to maintain my skills by using Internet. I only speak/write in English, but it's not the best way of learning because people over Internet write messy and don't watch for their grammar. Actually I think using the internet made my English skills worse XD

Hye I'm Ewa I'm french and I'm actually not too bad in english and I would learn polish . Can you help me in polish grammare than I can find as easily as the vocabulaire? It would be vert nice thanks  bye :)

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