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Hi there! I want to learn Polish. I can say few words. But I want to be able to be in a conversation. Can someone help me?




you should try this app. It's a game like app for expanding vocabulary.

It will surely make things easier for learning polish, as it is somehow a broken language. Vocabulary is key.

It is very highly rated. I hope it helps!

Hi! It is not easy language to learn, but it's possible to do it!! :)

I wait you at skype, we can talk there some about it how can i help you.

Halló Idunn! 

I would like improve my English and help to you with Polish. Moreover also I would like to learn a little Icelandic( I know some words only- I spent 1 month in your country and I fall in love in Iceland <3 ) If you're interested please write to me a priv message.


Have a nice day!


Each language is difficult to learn. But if you have strong motivation. It won't to be problem for you. You listen, listen ..and listen simple polish stories. It's key improve for your Polish skills.


good luck

I agree with the preceding speaker. It is very hard to learn Polish or any other Slavic language in the same, typical for Romance or Germanic or even non-Indoeuropean language. For me it is nearly impossible, to learn Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian. Only remedy is to listen, listen, listen, then read. Read a lot, listen a lot. Then start learning vocabulary. Don't waste your time for learning grammar, because you will it very difficult.

Polish, just like Czech, Russian, Ukrainian has 2 versions - official, literary and the common one, which is completely different, at least in terms of coversations. For me it is very hard to conversate with someone in traditional, official, literary form. Slavic nations are beeing said, to be emotional, so very emotional are these languages. It is not like German, a cold, official with strict rules.

Everything depends from the situation, in official conversation you will have to say in literary way, in common conversation in the different way.

The biggest problem with Polish is the diversity of expression with its use. Every person might have the different way of expressing oneself, depending on personality. So, for a "cold" Icelanding woman, it would perfect to find a cold, very official and serious Polish partner, at best, a woman.


Sorry, Icelandic of course, my mistake.

Read a lot in Polish starting from very easy texts. Do not worry if you are not able to speak sentences correctly. Polish is a bit difficult for non-slavic people. But if you spend a lot of time on it you will be succesfull.

I can help you with writing.

Why polish?

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