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zdravoo there any person here?



yes , pls  



I'm from Bosnia. If you need any help in learning Bosnian, I'm glad to help you. 

I don't speak Turkish, even though I know few words. I'll comunicate with you on English.


Good luck! :)

a lot of persons are here to talk u, i m one of them who like to talk u.

I m new here and i request u to plz add me wid u. 

so I will be able to bring improvment in my eng language. 

hope u will help me in this regard.

skyp id : khanawsome


live id:


Zdravo... Yes, I am here too. If you want I can teach you. 

Just let me know when are you going to be free to do Bosnain lessons with me. You can book your lesson here: 


Hope to see you soon. 

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