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Could you suggest me a dutch singer??

I'd love to improve my dutch translating lyrics. Would you suggest me a dutch singer or songs??? dank je wel!!



Why not start with Marco Borsato. Yes, he's Dutch :) Depending on taste: Frans Bauer, Jan Smit, Nick en Simon A full list, including Dutch who sing in English:

dank je wel!! i'll try with one of these:)

jij kan ook proberen henk westbroek

hij is the best

In Belgium we have Bart Peeters, Hannelore Bedert, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Kommil Foo, Bart Kaël, ... They sing in Flemish (= Dutch from Belgium)  Pronounciation is a bit different, but written language is exactly the same.

You can find some more on but many of them sing in English.


good luck! 

Boudewijn de Groot: sixties/seventies and a bit surreal, but interesting

I really like Spinvis, try his things on iTunes. Also, for childrens songs you could try Het Klein Orkest, who were an Eighties band which did adult songs and childrens songs, I used to have a tape from my Dutch cousin and have not seen the music for kids anywhere.

You can also check out these two websites that have compiled a bunch of songs with the lyrics written underneath the video.

#1) This is a great website that I also use to read and listen to (old) news stories and translate them in "Learning With Texts."

#2) I like to watch Burt and Ernie on this website but they also have some good music with lyrics and translations available in closed caption.

#3) You can also watched "missed broadcasts" from national radio and television at or .

#4) Finally, you can always watch .

Hope this helps, if you find any other good resources please share! :-D

hi, i'm andin from Indonesia. i'm learning dutch. anyone could help me? lets chat through skype / email : andinibrahim / thanks :)


One of my favorite songs ;)

Ciao Beatrice,


One of my favorite Dutch songs is this one: from Het Goede Doel. You can find the songtext here: and in case you don't know where to go this summer, consider Belgium ;~) Saluti John

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