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i tell you what i know

istanbul was colonized by romans then by persians then muslims ( ottomans ) and finally we have turquie now  we can say that its a muslim contry .



I know little istanbul is another islamic country is an islamic(ottoman) every beauty and conspicuously
your brother abderezak

It's supposed to be secular, remember. Only too bad Atatürk was so nationalistic.

Do you prefer Atatürk/Kemal Regime?
Or want to found an Islamic republic like Iran?
As far as I know, a great number of young Turks hold quite different viws on this.: )
Whats yous?

What is a muslim country? What allows to give this definition to a country? And most importantly who and what decides that Turkey is a moslem country? Thanks
u can see variety in istanbul. muslims, christians, hebrews or the other religions live together. but there is so many muslims ( around %90 or 93) in istanbul. so u can say "muslim country" but u cant see islamic living exactly at all of this proportion.

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