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national languge of india

what is national languge of india and why



I honestly don't know how to answer this question. but let me try it. India has many language as far as I know. but the Official language is hindi.

India doesn't have any national language but there r 2 official languages Hindi n English n some 22 regional languages as per 8th schedule of the constitution of India

Officialy there is no national langauge of India Hindi and the English are 2 main offical langauge of country .Hindi and English are also the link langauge of India .Around 60-70 percent peoples can Understand Hindi in India and 10% English .English is the link language among well educated peoples and Hindi work as link langauge between comman peoples . So unofically we can say Hindi is the national langauge of India because its the most spoken language and helps common peoples having diffrent langauge to communicate each other .Except some south Indian states where English dominate and Hindi is less known.

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