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italki Launched New Translation Platform!!!


Dear all, 

italki has launched our new translation platform at . You can visit the link below and try the new platform now. Thank you for your help to italki team. Do invite your friends to visit our translation platform together.


Ms Help




Got some problems here.

I've submitted some Simplified Chinese translations. However, when I click the item that I've just translated, what I see is just as if no translation attempt had been done before. And since I can't check others' translations, I can't cast any vote at all.

Okay, just added some Dutch stuff. Still only at 5% though.

great project!
I'm adding tons of Italian translation, but in some cases we'd need the context were they're used....
Go On Guys!

Hi , yes JohnnyJo,  i was confused about the context for so many words, (from english to italian)  shall i use 
lei or tu in some phrases. and last but not least :  is there any equivalent to  the american  "Graduation with Honours." in italian university...

for sure you will find that question, and correct what is left.
This is what we can call an awsome gooood luck for all.

Well, I noticed that no-one else was doing the Finnish translations so I decided to give it a try. It says that:
"Please follow the same format that is used in the English version, including punctuation and capitalization."
If I do that the Finnish italki will look absolutely ridiculous... So I kinda skipped that part of the guidelines...

But I guess my translations are better than nothing. And if someone doesn't like them, they can always correct them. 

I'm also facing some difficulties when I'm trying to translate all kinds of website/internet jargon words... It's really difficult to find a reasonable Finnish equivalent to them.

But the context problem... It really makes things a bit more difficult xD
Wonderful idea though : D

Oh yeah I agree with Sara. I used different capitalization for my translations because it looks really bad in Dutch. Punctuation is fine though.

Another very important thing is the use of variables. Some of the phrases are intranslatable in the current format. For example the phrase:

" Friends' "

I'd basically translate that as "van vrienden" in Dutch. (of friends) But even though it does work in combined parts like:

"Friends' Questions" (Vragen van vrienden = Questions of Friends)

It doesn't work when I translate it similarly for just " Friends' ". The same goes for other stuff. For example:

"For learning"

Obviously in the English version of the website a language is added after that.

"For learning German"

In Dutch the best way to say that is: "Om Duits te leren"
However, as I can't handle the placement of the variable, I can't translate it that way. Therefore I had to go with the suboptimal translation of "Voor het leren van Duits" just to keep the grammatical structure of the translation correct. I'd like to have more control over variables.

Hi singleview, seems like italki needs a formal way.. so Lei should be better than Tu ;)
But don't worry... italians aren't so formal and in many cases the formal way may sound grotesque :)
The equivalent might be Laureato con Lode Accademica (when you have full score of 110 on 110 + appreciation of the commission/university and at least a vote of 30/30 with Lode (in usa Top Grade :)


Hi, Ken. Thank you for the help. And maybe try to Refresh the pages. It might work. The site sometimes is bit slow in updating the latest information.

Okay, I must admit that I'm not exactly a computer genius, but...

1. Perhaps the translating system should be changed a little bit. Like Harregarre pointed out before with his Friends-example, the current translating system will make italki look like it has been translated with Google... So perhaps we should just translate page by page, all the words in their real context. But I think that the best translation should still be voted and perhaps there should be a Wikipedia-stylish conversation for each page.

2. But, that current translating system could be adapted into a phrase/sentence translation exercise which the community could expand and expand into a huge (I'm slowly starting to feel like Napoleon...) free programme for everyone wanting to learn languages.

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