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What is the most beautiful place on earth you have ever been to?

Name, city, country please... maybe one day some of us will have the fortune of going there! :)



Frutillar! is a city in the south of Chile, is an amazing place, you will see a lake a volcano the food is nice and cheap

City name is New York City. The Country name is The State of America. or Yosemit National Park California United  State.

this is secret because it has the fountain of youth!

Zion National Park, Utah, USA. The greatest place I've ever seen. "Angels landing" view point. I do want to get there again and again.

To me, it is definitely the city of Jaisalmer and its surroundings, in the middle of the Thar Desert, in India. 

Even if not a big place at all, I've spend there several months and would never get tired of it: looking forward to go back this coming year.

Paris! Paris! Paris!

I hear Brazil is beautiful. one day i hope to visit. but so far Orlando,FL was so amazing

If not the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful ones I've ever been to is the Monument Valley (Utah, USA).

I was so lucky that I could spent one night at the hotel and see the sunrise at the valley.

That was last February and the monuments had still snow and its contrast with the red color of the rocks was extremely beautiful.

I would recommend it.

I like to make holiday on greek ilands. A great place is Santorini. It is  a vucanic iland. It looks like a half moon. The white houses on the caldera are looking different, depending on the daylight. It is small, you need only a scooter to visit all the sights or travel from beach to beach. There is a beach with red and one with black sand...

A really nice place, see here:

ALDINNDIR  NATIONAL  PARK is very beautiful place in sudan ,beacuse there alot of different animals like monkeys ,tigers,lions,elephonts,cats, and there a moutains and people very friendly in sudan so you can try to visit sudan if you have any questions about this place pleace send to me .


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