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Babe, you mentioned something about quotes and I am just coming across some proverbs that I would like to learn more about. I'm sure there are many Punjabi, Hindi proverbs as there are Spanish too. Would you mind sharing every once in a while... let's make one at a time and I will ask your help to get the meaning of some. :* ♥ 



I give you a spanish one to start with:


Todos los hombres estamos hechos del mismo barro, pero no del mismo molde - We all men are made of the same clay, just not with the same cast.

I think it's very understandable, we are all the same but we act differently and we are different from inside as well :)


Sure mi amor :*

Here are some Popular Hindi sayings mi amor ...Only for you ♥


Hindi Proverb, Hindi Kahavat


Bandar kya jaane adark ka swaad
English : What does a monkey know of the taste of ginger?
Meaning : someone who can't understand can't appreciate.


Bandar =  Monkey = mono

Adrak = Ginger =  Jengibre

Swaad = taste = sabor

Hindi proverb  

Ghar ki murgi, dal barabar

Meaning : Self possessions are always undermined and other's possessions seem better.

Ghar = home, house = casa

Brabar = Equal to

Hindi proverb

Ghar ka bhedi, lanka dhayey.

Meaning : It is the insider who is dangerous and leaks secretive information to help out your enemies


Jal mein rehkar magar se bair thheek nahi


Living in water and being an enemy of the crocodile is not good.

Jal = Water = Agua

Magar or magarmachchh = Crocodile= cocodrilo

garajne wale badal baraste nahin hain
English : Those who make the most threats seldom do anything

Garajna = To Roar = rugir

Badal = Cloud = nube

Adhajal gagari chalakat jaay

English : Half-filled pot goes spilling out water

Meaning : Those with little knowledge keep showing it. Those who know all are calm/silent.

Gagri =  Pot or Vessel = Olla, bote

Chhalakna = to Spill = derramar

Hindi Proverb, Hindi Kahavat

Andhoon mein kaanaa raja.
English : A one-eyed man is king amongst blind men.

Andha = Blind = ciego

Kana = One eyed

Raja= King  = rey

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