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Looking for serious language partner

I want to learn either Shanghaiese, Business Chinese or Computer Science Chinese. I'm only interested in either of these fields. If you can provide some help with these, I'm more than happy to help you with any part of your English.



i hope to be ur partner, i am the postgraduate in English literal art. i hope we can get improved mutually

You are a local here?

I want to make friends with you

I can speak shanghaiese and I major in Businese English.Do you use QQ?

don't remember if I've contacted you,Allen....still in Shanghai? I'm local Shanghainese here,and I've studied computer science...long ago though....hope I can help

I'm living in HangZhou,China. My major is Software Engineering. I think we can help eachother. waiting for your reply.Thanks.

Hey,I am a freshman in Dalian Medical University.I am a native Chinese,so I guess we can be language partners.You may let me know how is your Chinese proficiency first.See you~


language learning exchange need a lot of time and effort,and i have this advantage,i am a networks sales,i can help you with your business chinese.if you have the intention,please fell free to contact me

Hello,my name is wangfang,come from china.I am bad to speak english! I hope exchange language with you .If you have free time ,please contact me

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