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English speaking partner

Hi! I'm looking for an english speaking partner who can help me to improve and practise english.



I am also seeking for someone who can I practice with. If you use skype please add me my skype name is lovedealer420. I would appreciate it.

How to find a suitable language partner ?

So what are your goals to learn english ?

Hi Julia,

I speak English, German and Italian and would like to learn Russian. Maybe we can exchange some knowledge? 

Greetings Jens 


Hi..I am learning English.Can I add skype ? My skype adress: ozkanakin5..See you


I wonder who won? :P I bet the new yorker and the Deutsche.

I can help you with your english! 

How can i contact you ?

Hi :) I can help you practice speaking English. Just message me and we can exchange skype/messenger information.

You need a parther who knows how to speak english and spanish!

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