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Free English Skype chat


Hello, I am a professional teacher and have been teaching online for 2 years.  I have a busy schedule, but sometimes have some free time.  I will alert people when I am available to chat for free on my facebook page and twitter account.  I hope to speak to you soon!



I will look to twitter!

thanks very much

so add me please to your skype


good suggestion ..!



I added you ;)

add me too to ur skype plzz, my ID: fastnto

thanks, you're very helpfulLaughing

My Skype ID: sunflowerandyou94. Add me plzz Tks

please add me 



You are right, I can't help you ALL- but in my spare time I can help as many as possible.  


I'll get working on finding those American wives :D  

Great! hope to add me on skype   sarah.estasy

thanks for your help dear :)

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