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Hello, Tere,

I can help you with Estonian, just send me a message :) Especially good when you can help me with my English ;)



Hello.  Tere.


I would like your help.  I want to make sure my google translator correctlys translate.  Will you proofread some phrase?

Yea, of course I can do that. 

Send your centences/phrased to me.




   Soy  nativo  español.  Quiero  hacer  intercambios  de  idiomas

   estoniano - español . Resido  en  Tallinn  ( Estonia )  Italki : jtorres





Send your centences/phrased to me.


Send your sentences/phrases to me.

Hello! I'm an American, and I would love to chat with you in English or Estonian. Elasin eestis kaheks aastaks, ja olen eestikeelt õppinud. Tahaks lihtsalt sõber, kellega saan rääkida. Tahan ka juurde õppida. Aitäh!

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