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rock music

What sort of music do you like?I am fond rock music!я русская,кто изучает русский, пишите мне))




Rock music is cool. Which band is your favorite?

"HIM"!!Entwine, Beseech, Lacrimas Profundere, Crowhead, Lacrimoza, Nightwish, for Russian bands - It's a Би 2, мельница, 9 район, Цой, Баста, Otto Dix and other...What kind of group do you like?Do you play any music instruments?)


I love HIM, Beseech, Lacrimoza, Nightwish too!! Rammstein, Blind Guardians,  In flames, Falconer and many others as well.

Actually I have a band. We normally play songs from Nightwish. I'm the lead singer and the keyboard.

I've learned piano for about 10 years.


I also listen rock music,notably Rammstein and HIM. But in general I listen all kind of music,as long as it is good and I like it. It depends on my mood

Silmarillionpwx!!!it's perfect!!!!how is a group named?where I can look your video or to listen your music?This is very interesting for me!!!!Blind Guardians is cool!!-I like this!!!

andrey, I'll write you !!!Rammstein is music for true man!!!!


the links was sent to you, in the private message.

My favourite band is Kate&Ben,they come from Germany.Their songs are feelingful,such as Ich lieb Dich Immer Noch So Sehr......

Kate&Ben is unknown in Russia(((I'll listen this band necessarily!!!and then I'll comment their work!!!)))


I love rock music! My favorite bands are the Scorpions, KISS, and AC/DC. And by the way, the last post you posted applies to you. ;)

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