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Hoc tiêng Viêt

xin chao, ban hoc tiêng viêt ai?

I can help you with french or english.



Xin chào các bạn,


Tôi đang học tiếng việt! Bạn chỉ mới bắt đầu không?



Song 1 nam o Viet Nam (Dong Nai). toi noi chut chut tiêng Viêt. tôi yêu vietnam.

tôi hoc tiêng viêt. bây gio, hoc và sau khi song o vietnam (lam).


i just learn a little vietnamese because i lived there. vietnameses learnt me some words. it is better to learn vietnamese in vietnam. now, i am in france. i would like to continue but i don't find vietnamese class in my city. i really love vietnam, the better country (too beautiful...). so, i would like to find a job there when i will have my diploma. so, i need to continue vietnamese :D

Bạn có biết lam việc này học ở đây trên không?

hi, I am Vietnamese, my English is not good and I want to improve my English. Do you want to exchange Vietnamese with me? waiting for your reply kindly help me!

hi, i'm from vietnam, i'm learning English. Can we exchange Engligh-Vietnamese? I guess it's gonna be fun to talk with you :)

hi.Im Cuong.Im live in Vietnam. Please help me language English.I will help you understand culture Vietnam and language .

I can also help you with Vietnamese. I'm an university student^^

Hello, I'm Hung Nguyen, I'm from Hanoi, Vietnam and I'm learning English and Japanese. Do you learn Vietnamese? Make friend with me. Nice to meet you :))

Hi. My name's hông. I'm vietnamese. I'm an universirty student. I speak english extremly unwell. I hope you leaning english. I help you speak vietnamese.

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