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Cool stuff related to the Hebrew Language

Links to cool stuf over the inernet related to the Hebrew language.



Ehud Banai's song "Hebrewman" on youtube with subtitles:

( The original Hebrew letters were the Assyrian ('Ashuri' in Hebrew) script that we presently use to write Torah scrolls and Mezuzahs. The Torah was originally given in Assyrian script as we have it. This later became a sacred script, holy and "hidden," which was reserved only for the Torah scrolls and use in the Temple. The general script used throughout the First Temple period was the Ivri script. Beginning from the Second Temple period, the Assyrian script was revealed by the masters to the general public, and returned to general use. Nonetheless, there were some remnants of the Ivri script that remained for use in non-religious contexts such as coining, etc.

The Alphabet (the ABC...) of Biblical Hebrew:
compare with the Assyrian which we use today

Reading Biblical Hebrew, a series of lessons on Youtube:

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