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Please friends if there is someone who want to learn spanish and want to teach hindi i will be grateful. I dont know even one single word in hindi. I need help




I can Tell You some basic Words.


Yo - Main

Tu - Tu / tum

Usted - Aap

Nosotros - Hum

Ellos/ Ella/ El - Woh




Mi nombre es Adriana - Mera Naam Adriana hai.


Mi = Mera

Nombre - Naam

es =  Hai as is in English


Soy de Spain - Main Spain se hoon.





Hola - namaste

Comó esta usted - Aap kaisey hain (if talking to a male)

                           Aap Kaisi hain? - If talking to a female


Comó estas? - Tum Kaise ho?

                     Tum Kaisi ho? - If talking to Female.


Estoy bien - Main achchha hoon -Achchhi if fem


Adios -  Alvida

Buenos Dias - Su Prabhat

Buenas Noches - Shubh Ratari



Infinitive Formation in Hindi

as in Spanish infinitive is formed by adding ar, ir and er to the verb root in Hindi it is formed by adding NA sound to the vern root


Eg. Khana - to eat

Peena - to drink

Sona - to sleep

Jaagna -To wake up.


Hope it helps :)




eSa fganh tkurk gwa


hello kaisi ho

I love to teach you adriana... 

Thanks Gagan for your help is very important for me..I would love talk more with you in skype. Add me my ID is nanisblake

Lol... Thanks mukesh as always so sweet..we will talk about later on in FB take care

Namaste . - Main achchhi hoon... I would love to share with you and learning hindi and i will love teaching you spanish. take care

i teach u hindi...but u teach me english....plz

If u wish...I can tell u..basic of hindi !

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